Mistress Crystal White

     Yahoo ID: miss_crystal_white

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5 min-$25  $125-25 min

10 min-$50   $150-30 min

15 min-$75   $175-35 min

20 min-$100   $200-40 mni

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Rules:  When contacting me on yahoo messenger I am always to be addressed as Miss Crystal or Mistress.  Do not expect me to keep talking to you with out you buying cam time.  Do not ask me if I use Paypal , Western Union or Amazon, if you do you will be put on ignore, I use CCBILL and that is it!  This is the only acceptable payment for cam time!  Do not insult me and say you can only use Paypal, if you can use a credit card for them, then you can use it using CCbill.  I do not do sessions for gifts certificates!  Rates are listed above, there is no need for you to keep asking how much it is for cam!

Tell me what your fetish is and I will tell you if I want to do a webcam session with you.  Do not call me baby or any other little pet names, you are a slave so act like it!




















Contribution Towards House Note   $500.00

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Car Insurance  

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Car Payment   $500.00

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Cable TV   $150.00

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Credit Cards   $500.00

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Cell Phone   $200.00

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Utilities   $250.00

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Groceries   $300.00

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Hair Salon   $175.00

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Pedicure/Manicure   $150.00

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Pamper my Pets   $250.00 Give More!
Spa   $150.00

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Vacation   $500.00

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Shopping Spree   $500.00

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